Intelligence is Key to Technology

Over the next decade technology will become increasingly intelligent and so will the ways we make technology. At Dyson we are focused on making machines that are intelligent and connected so they understand the environment connect to it and improve it.

One such technology is Dyson 360i our latest robotic vacuum cleaning system rather than bouncing randomly around the room a unique 360 degree vision system allows it so see the room and map its route around it. It means the machine knows where it is going and it knows where it has been. These images are processed by software to enable the robot to know where it is in the room. From this information and from feedback through sensors, maps are created to enable the robot to plan how to move systematically through the room. Thus it uses its intelligence to clean the room more effectively and efficiently. But such intelligent technology requires very intricate manufacturing. The machine has the Dyson digital motor at its core. This Dyson designed motor spins three-times faster than conventional motors yet it is a third of the size and half of the weight, without compromising on power. Because Dyson’s digital motor runs at such high speeds they are made on fully automated production lines in Singapore. We have had to develop robotic production lines from scratch to ensure their accuracy.

We compete in a global market place and our technology is our future. We invest over GBP3 million a week in research and development focused on working with the brightest minds both within Dyson and in universities around the world to research and develop intelligent technology that solves the problems others ignore.